Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make-your- own sandwich buffet

When you cook for a relatively large family every day of the week like I do, you have to be creative. I don't always feel like cooking up a storm, but I still want us to have a nice meal together. Last nights dinner is a great example. I had a busy day and since it was our first real spring day, I didn't feel like spending all afternoon in my kitchen (I also had just cleaned it up so nicely, and I just wanted to savour the cleanliness for just a little while.). So, I decided on something simple that required very little preparation, a make-your-own-sandwich buffet.
 Sandwiches, you may say? Not exactly sensational. But here is my strategy when I make something easy and plain, or store bought. I make it look better than it really is by serving it especially nicely. So I put  together a nice platter of our favorite sandwich meats, hard boiled eggs, cheeses, veggies and condiments. I bought some extra nice sandwich bread. I truly believe that if presented in a thoughtful and appealing way anything can look and taste good. And sandwiches can be quite healthy too. The kids loved this meal! My oldest daughter exclaimed: "we should have this every night!" Kids just love being able to choose for themselves, even if it is only cheese and ham. My little one (age 4)  was so funny. She made a huge sandwich. But the great part of it is that she ate almost the entire thing. I made a rustic and healthy fruit salad as a side dish. All in all, another successful gathering around the table. The conversation spanned topics as serious as cyber bullying, to Justin Bieber and the coolness level of our son (he thinks he is very cool!). I have to say it again: "It isn't what you eat, but how you eat it - together!"

The recipe for this is your own creativity. No rules. Just what you like. Make it your own!

I will, however, give you the recipe for my rustic fruit salad. It is really delicious and healthy, and filling. I had Creme Fraiche with it, but your favorite yogurt or even whipped cream is wonderful. I may post it as a great breakfast as well. Look for the full posting tomorrow. See ya!

PS. If you are wondering why the pit of the avocado is sitting on top of it, it keeps it from turning brown.

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